Release Notes (X4 Build 8 - Build n)

X4 Build 8.4


  • The support of TLS encryption in combination with ASIPServer and Webserver has been implemented.

X4 Build 8.2


  • Webserver: The support of TLS encryption in combination with WinGuard and ASIPServer has been implemented.
  • IF Aimetis: The support of the Aimetios SDK version has been added.
  • IF AlphaCom: New functions for call acceptance, conference initiation, call forwarding and group alarm have been added.
  • IF Commend: The following changes have been implemented;
    - Wan regions are now supported.
    - It can be configured whether calls are ended when the message is completed or not.
    - The INI file was rebuilt such that each command has an evaluation rule now.
    - The state evaluation has been extended by the command 406E. Both the command 406E and the command 4051 are only called once to query all states.
    - The language file has been updated.
    - The evaluation of command 5B30 has been adjusted.
  • IF Dahua: The support of intelligent events has beend added.
  • IF Disruptive: The interface is now able to process any sensor type defined in the INI file.
  • IF GCore: For server datapoints, workstation dependent login data can be specified now.
  • IF GCore: Presets can be activated now also for cameras that are not shown.
  • IF GCore: The automated data supply has been modified such that names and other information can be updated now.
  • IF Kaba: It is possibility now to delay the trigger of a fault.
  • IF LightSYS: The German language and help files have been added.
  • IF Maxibus3000: The German help file has been added.
  • IF Minimax: The support of the counters A, B and C of "spark detector groups" has been added.
  • IF NSC: The following features have been added:
    - The command "Revision on" has been added for sensors (requires firmware 11040A14.25).
    - An extended context sensitivity for commands has been implemented.
    - A (default) evaluation for "Reset" for zones and sensors has been added.
    - New settings are available:
    - "Accept response from any panel"
    - "Propagate revision state to sensors"
    - "Always propagate states to sensors"
    - "Extended command context sensitivity"
  • IF SeeTec6: Events of other branches can be ignored completely now.
  • IF UBI: The English language file has been added.

X4 Build 8  -  2020-04-17


  • IF Airthings: New interface module to couple to Airthings sensors.
  • IF Disruptive: New interface module to couple to Disruptive IoT sensors.
  • IF IndigoVisionSDK: New interface module to couple ONVIF Cameras via IndigoVision Control Center.
  • IF InsightAPI: New interface module to couple cameras via Video Insight REST API from Panasonic.
  • IF MIVNIT: New interface module to couple to Elbit MIVNIT systems.
  • IF NAce: New interface module to couple to UTC ATS1000A/ATSx500A panels.
  • IF TaktisMCE: New interface module to couple to TaktisMCE fire panels.
  • IF UBI: New interface module to couple to Autec Babylon/Siemens SiPort panels.


  • Linked datapints in graphics can be highlighted in the event context via a selectable symbol.
  • The performance of the datapoint list in the control panel has been improved.
  • During the installation of update packages it is checked whether files contained in the package would overwrite already installed files of other modules. In this case the installation will be prohibited.
  • A new setting has been added to display datapoints in graphics regardless of their view rights.
  • A new setting for suppressing the popup dialog "Active server is not reachable" after connection loss has been added.
  • The last edit time and the responsible user are displayed correctly now in the corresponding list for the corresponding object when importing via CSV or executing the automated data supply.
  • CAD Support: A new CAD library version (ODA Platform 2020 Update 2) is now being used.
  • IF ABI1500: The INI file is language sensitive now.
  • IF AsCom: The possibility to deactivate status requests for handsets has been added.
  • IF BBOpenEIB: THe EIBWeiche LAN is supported now.
  • IF BoschOI: Unconfigured datapoints can be added automatically now at runtime.
  • IF Dahua: The display of the state of the motion detection can be configured via the INI file now and state texts are displayed correctly now.
  • IF DAKS: The display of call participant states using textmacros has been added.
  • IF DAKS: A problem with the namespace in the protocol has been fixed.
  • IF DAKS: The configurable call parameters were extended with various Tetronik DAKS specific proprietary parameters.
  • IF DAKS: Default call parameters for all datapoints can now be configured in the interface settings.
  • IF DallmeierAPI: Dallmaier SEDOR alarms can be received and evaluated now.
  • IF GantnerGTS: The interface is available now for X4.
  • IF General: Language files can be loaded from subdirectories of the data folder now.
  • IF ICAD: Changes of data points can be transmitted automatically to I/CAD now.
  • IF ICAD: The format for transmitted datapoints has been improved. In addition the tags of the datapoints are transmitted as well.
  • IF Kaba: The support of Kaba Exos 9300 Version 4.1.1 has been added.
  • IF Minimax: The automated data supply has been extended by sensor texts as text macro,
  • IF OnGuard2: The cardholder ID is available now for events in the event context.
  • IF Protec: In the settings the time zone of the panel can be selected now.
  • IF proxSafe: The conversion to the webserver "webserver2" and the integration of the hardware "amanTag" and "tranSpeed" has been done.
  • IF SAM: The interface has been extended by the connection via webservice.
  • IF SeeTec6: The support of SeeTec6 Cayuga R14 has been added.
  • IF UZ7500: A control panel to maintain and transmit contact data from WinGuard to the panel has been added.